Voicing Demands
Feminist Activism in Transitional Contexts
Sohela Nazneen and Maheen Sultan
Complicity, Contradictions and Prospects
Edited by Aziz Choudry and Dip Kapoor
Gender and Social Protection in the Developing World
Beyond Mothers and Safety Nets
Rebecca Holmes and Nicola Jones
Organizing Women Workers in the Informal Economy
Beyond the Weapons of the Weak
Naila Kabeer, Ratna Sudarshan and Kirsty Milward, (eds)
Culture, Development and Social Theory
Towards an Integrated Social Development
John Clammer
Race, Racism and Development
Interrogating history, discourse and practice
Kalpana Wilson
Unplanned Development
Tracking Change in South-East Asia
Jonathan Rigg
From Recipients to Donors
Emerging powers and the changing development landscape
Emma Mawdsley
How to Manage an Aid Exit Strategy
The Future of Development Aid
Derek Fee
Decolonizing Methodologies
Research and Indigenous Peoples
Linda Tuhiwai Smith
Development Cooperation and Emerging Powers
New Partners or Old Patterns?
Sachin Chaturvedi, Thomas Fues and Elizabeth Sidiropoulos
Global Health Watch 3
An Alternative World Health Report
Global Health Watch
Relational Accountability
Complexities of Structural Injustice
Joy Moncrieffe
The Participation Reader
Edited by Andrea Cornwall
The Business of Human Rights
An Evolving Agenda for Corporate Responsibility
Edited by Aurora Voiculescu and Helen Yanacopulos
Population and Development
The Demographic Transition
Tim Dyson
Mobilizing for Democracy
Citizen Action and the Politics of Public Participation
Edited by Vera Schattan P. Coelho and Bettina von Lieres
Globalizing Citizens
New Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion
Edited by John Gaventa and Rajesh Tandon