Forthcoming Books

Protecting the Health of the Poor
Social Movements in the South
Abraar Karan and Geeta Sodhi
15 December 2015

Despite the colossal amount of spending on health and healthcare programs globally, why do massive inequalities in health, both within and between countries, remain?

Drawing on in-depth empirical research spanning Asia, Latin America and Africa, this path breaking collection offers an overview of the legal, political and social factors behind poor performance countries in the...

South Africa: Settler Colonialism and the Failures of Liberal Democracy
Thiven Reddy
15 December 2015

Two unmistakable features describe post-Apartheid politics. The first is the formal framework of liberal democracy, including regular elections, multiple political parties, and a range of progressive social rights. The second is the politics of the 'extraordinary', which include a political discourse that relies on threats and the use of violence, the crude re-racialization of numerous...

The Politics of Every Body
Feminism, Queer Theory and Marxism at the Intersection
Holly Lewis
15 January 2016

This is not a book about alternative sexualities, nor is it a book about desire. The Politics of Every Body examines the production and maintenance of the terms 'man', 'woman', and 'other' within the current political moment; the contradictions of these categories and the prospects of a Marxist approach to praxis for queer bodies.

Few thinkers have attempted to reconcile queer...

We Kill Because We Can
From Soldiering to Assassination in the Drone Age
Laurie Calhoun
15 September 2016

Welcome to the Drone Age. Where self defence has become naked aggression. Where courage has become cowardice. Where black ops have become standard operating procedure.

In this remarkable and often shocking book, Laurie Calhoun dissects the moral, psychological and cultural impact of remote-control killing in the Twenty-First Century. How can a mafia hitman be likened to a drone...