Forthcoming Books

Leadership in the Cuban Revolution
The Unseen Story
Antoni Kapcia
11 September 2014

Much of the conventional literature on, and most media readings of, the Cuban Revolution seem to be mesmerised by the personality and role of Fidel Castro, an interpretation which has often prevented a deeper political understanding of the Revolution's underlying structures, bases of popular loyalty and ethos of participation.

In this groundbreaking work, Anthony Kapcia offers a...

Women and ICT in Africa and the Middle East
Changing Selves, Changing Societies
Ineke Buskens and Anne Webb
11 September 2014

What is the link between Information Communication Technology (ICT) and women's empowerment in today's development context? How can ICT facilitate the pursuit of visions for a better world? Avoiding both 'techno-euphoric' and 'techno-pessimistic' hype this book offers answers.

Based on analysis from twenty-one research teams in fourteen countries, Women and ICTs in Africa and the...

Russia and Development
Development Policies in the Former Soviet Union
Charles Buxton
9 October 2014

For Lenin, Russia was the weak link in the chain of imperialism. In 1917 the chain broke and for 70 years the Bolsheviks' state-led model of development stood out in radical opposition to the capitalism mainstream - up until the crash of the USSR in 1991. For present-day critics of the regime in Russia, criminal privatization and bureaucratic cronyism has reduced their country to 2nd class...

The Sociology of Nonviolent Action
Stellan Vinthagen
8 January 2015

In this ground-breaking and much-needed book, Stellan Vinthagen provides the first major systematic attempt to develop a theory of nonviolent action since Gene Sharp's seminal The Politics of Nonviolent Action in 1973.

Employing a rich collection of historical and contemporary social movements from various parts of the world as examples - from the civil rights movement in America...